"We were looking at getting our garden done and my girlfriend put me in charge of finding a company to do this for us.

I googled for companies and arranged for 5 companies to come and have a look to give us a quote.

Dave from Garden solutions was the first one to arrive and straight away we felt very comfortable with him in our house and he was very friendly and professional. The other's had a more scruffy appearance and we didn’t get good “vibes” from them.Of course price matters after all and we were hoping that Garden Solutions wouldn’t be to expensive. They came in smack, bam in the middle so we were happy to book them in.

As the garden was an empty shell, they quoted 10 working days to completely clear the garden of previous rubble and fencing, build decking, put up new fencing, build raised beds and fill with soil, make a concrete foundation (where I could build a shed) and make a gravel path.  The work was completed on time and to a very high standard, we absolutely love it and we spend a lot of  time outside enjoying the space.

We were very happy to leave them the keys to the flat so they could use the bathroom and make teas and coffees when we weren’t there and they respected the flat not making a mess even though it rained and they were muddy.

I can very happily say that I would recommend Garden Solutions to family and friends. Our next door neighbour will most likely contact them beginning of next year."

Johan and Susie.